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Why Orion Communications?

About Orion Communications

Workforce Management Automation Know How

At Orion, our goal is to serve public safety agencies by simplifying complex workforce management processes. Founded in 1998, we started by providing online process automation that helped judical and public safety agencies become more efficient and reduce labor cost. Our software applications have evolved throughout the years based on our customers’ need to centralize the management of daily personnel operations.

Today, our AgencyWeb workforce management software provides a unified solution with applications designed for public safety personnel. Ideal for individual agencies, as well as state or county public safety groups, AgencyWeb is helping organizations enforce a variety of complex policies and compliance concerns on a daily basis.

Our business analysis services enable employees and managers alike to easily transition from time consuming manual processes to efficient operational online process experiences. Thanks to our data sharing expertise, agencies are able to close process gaps and use exchanged data for analytics that result in better decision making.

We Value Our Customers and the Important Services They Provide

It goes without saying that today's agencies are facing unprecedented challenges. Orion values being easy to do business with and providing automated applications that simplify their operational complexities.  We believe in the products and services we provide to our customers -- and as a result, know they are better able to serve all of our communities.  

Intelligent Workforce Management Solutions