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As head injuries rise, so does the importance of trained EMS staff


An uptick in head injuries rarely sounds like a good thing. But as a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows, it's the kind of phenomenon that may have a silver lining after all.

Manual Payroll Entries Can Result in Significant Overruns


When assembling their payrolls, managers generally reach for simple programs that can get the job done quickly. While payroll software can work quite well, it often helps to adopt a workforce management system that adds value by electronically transmitting time and attendance data.

Florida prison explosion highlights staffing issues


The Escambia County Jail in Pensacola, Florida, suffered a massive gas explosion in May that killed two inmates and injured nearly 200 prisoners and staff members. It was the most recent event in a long line of problems that have plagued the facility over the years. Though investigators are still trying to determine the exact cause of the explosion and whether it could have been prevented, they have uncovered numerous pieces of evidence suggesting that the jail was dangerously understaffed.

Prison Management is Improving, but Budgets Often Restrict Innovation

Correctional Management

During the past two decades, the field of corrections management has made great strides in improving safety for both staff members and the prisoners themselves. For guards, efforts have been made to ensure that they are not endangered by the potentially violent criminals that they are guarding. Inmates, meanwhile, are observed to make sure that they do not harm each other or themselves.

Helping Public Sector Employees Balance Work and Family


It is no secret that, at least in the United States, the days when one parent would work and another would stay home and raise the children are all but over. According to the Department of Labor, the percentage of American children with both parents in the workforce has been rising steadily over the past two decades. For those parents, the question of balancing work life with family life is often a difficult one.

Use Workforce Data for Better Decision Making

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As a manager, do you find yourself making a lot of gut decisions? That might feel like the right thing to do at times, but it isn't a great idea. Impulsive decision making based on little or no evidence can lead to poor results.

Sacramento Finds Itself in the Black for the First Time in Years


Sacramento, California, has reportedly approved a budget that will run a surplus for the first time in seven years, according to local NBC affiliate KCRA 3.

EMS Week will honor those who protect their communities


This week, it's time to acknowledge the crucial role that EMS workers play in local public safety efforts.

Dangers of EMS Work Requires Rigorous Training


EMS workers are tasked with saving lives, but few people realize just how much risk they take to do their jobs.

Police Departments Require Flexibility

Change Ahead

When running a law enforcement agency, it is important to be able to respond to the need to change. In all communities, crime rates adjust, and different types of crime rise and fall with the times. Police must be flexible in order to respond to the many challenges that face the communities they are sworn to protect. This includes putting flexible practices in place—which is not an easy task considering the complexities of the job.

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