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Improving Operational Efficiencies for Mission Critical Organizations

In big cities and small towns, Fire and EMS departments are tasked with keeping watch 24/7, 365 days a year for potentially destructive events. No one can fall asleep at the wheel—when a critical situation occurs, firefighters must be at the scene as soon as possible to keep the situation from getting out of hand.

For paid fire departments, this means managing the workforce in such a manner that maintains proper coverage without overdrawing the budget to pay for overtime and other expenses. Add to that the complexities of managing volunteer fire fighters and balancing what is required to satisfy things like FLSA, labor unions and safety rules.

And what about those career firefighters who are highly certified, but have in a completely different role in a volunteer agency? Or the law enforcement officer that provides crowd control at crime scenes, but works as a fire marshal in the fire agency? In that job, they wear a badge, carry a weapon and make arrests pertaining to arson. What’s the most effective way to coordinate their schedules, manage their training and ensure they are accurately paid? It's not easily done using manual, paper processes.

Orion’s AgencyWeb® software can help.

With AgencyWeb IWM Fire/EMS schedulers, administrators, career and volunteer firefighters are able to log-in for real-time access to their schedules, training and personnel information.  Important announcements, events and equipment assets can be all found in seconds. 

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