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Judicial Organizations

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Improving Efficiencies and Reducing Cost for Court Events

Courts hear a wide variety of cases, ranging from traffic violations to domestic violence. Given this high volume of work, it is not possible for all important matters to be scheduled for the same day. In fact, court dates for typical cases are often rescheduled constantly based on a number of different factors, leaving courthouse administrators to juggle resources.  The courts need to coordinate these tasks into a sensible system that allows for flexibility while still ensuring that justice is done. Orion's web-based software can help.

Orion's AgencyWeb® software can help.

Our AgencyWeb® CourtNotify electronic subpoena software has been serving judical agencies nationwide since 2003 and is the only solution on the market designed to improve public safety court attendance, civilian subpoena service and the coordination of attendance with any type of court docket.

When combined with our AgencyWeb® Court Scheduling and AgencyWeb® IWM software, the courts are able efficiently schedule court dockets and coordinate law enforcement witnesses. What more, AgencyWeb® CourtNotify and CourtScheduling are an augmented solutions that can be easily added to existing case management systems.

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