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December, 2016

Public Safety Workforce Mgmt. Newsletter

Check out these latest articles written specially for the management of Public Safety personnel.

Did You Know?

With AgencyWeb IWM, employees are able to bid on vacation dates based on agency policies and union rules.  Bids can be offered agency-wide or to select groups during agency-defined time periods.  Limits can be set on the number of personnel in a shift given the day off so that staffing levels do not fall below minimum. Once the award period has concluded, vacation hours are automatically deducted from employee’s leave balances and award dates are posted on shift rosters and employee calendars.

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Whether you're operating a fire or police department, or another type of public safety agency, scheduling shifts for your team means dealing with challenges like managing regulatory compliance policies while minimizing overtime.

Provided they have the administrative and IT frameworks in place to track them, fire departments can employ training methods that go beyond the ordinary to get their firefighters to a high level of expertise and readiness, and keep them there over time.


It's important for employees to get enough sleep, no matter their role. When the job in question is on the front lines of emergencies, the need grows even greater. There are many ways to strike back against lack of sleep and fatigue, including intelligent scheduling practices and increased hiring.


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