AgencyWeb® IWM

AgencyWeb® IWM 

Your Intelligent Workforce ManagementSM System 

AgencyWeb IWMThere are few public sector workforce management systems in today’s marketplace that are as comprehensively intelligent as AgencyWeb® IWM.  The system offers end-to-end management of public sector workforce processes and centralizes the coordination of employee processes in real-time.  It is available as an Enterprise solution that includes a wide range of applications, or, as a Lite solultion that allows you to add applications to its foundation.

Key Features / Benefits   

Intelligent Workforce ManagementSM Software

AgencyWeb Benefits


  • Single point of operational command and control
  • Process automation saves time and reduces labor costs
  • Real-time coordination of events, notifications and self-service activities

“With large workforces to manage in multiple locations, what we wanted was a consolidated solution that eliminated redundancies and effectively managed employee processes in real-time. 
Other vendors tried to get us to fit into their solutions -- but this wasn’t the case with AgencyWeb®. The way it is designed and functions, we knew it was right for us.”

Captain Kevin Vest
Riverside County Sheriff’s Office

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