AgencyWeb® IWM

AgencyWeb® IWM 

Your Intelligent Workforce ManagementSM System 

Orion CommunicationsAgencyWeb® IWM is a web-based system with built-in intelligence that simplifies the management of daily workforce activities, such as scheduling, notifications and compliance management to name a few.

AgencyWeb Police
With AgencyWeb® IWM's unique interface capabilites you'll centralize the coordination of employee operations in real-time.  For example, you'll increase efficiencies using they system's event scheduling coordiantion and employee self-service tools.  You'll streamline the reporting of workforce activity data collected from external systems, like RMS or CAD, and will use executive dashboard to view your true costs of services.

AgencyWeb FireYour complex scheduling requirements will be simplified using the system's dynamic intelligence. Workforce position tools will automatically match qualified employees to the needs of each job. Overtime costs will be reduced by optimize resource deployments and quickly backfill open position. Absence management will be automated based on your rules.  Actual work time will be accurately sumitted to your payroll system in real-time, eliminating costly payroll errors.

                                                                  Intelligent Workforce Management SolutionsSM

AgencyWeb Benefits


  • Single point of supervisory command and control
  • Executive dashboards of workforce activities and costs
  • Coordination of events, notifications and self-service activities in real-time


“With such a large workforce to manage in multiple locations, what we wanted was a consolidated solution that eliminated redundancies and effectively managed employee processes in real-time.  Other vendors tried to get us to fit into their solutions.  But this wasn’t the case with AgencyWeb®. The way it is designed and functions, we knew it was right for us.”

Captain Kevin Vest
Riverside County Sheriff’s Office