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AgencyWeb CourtNotify

CourtNotify Electronic Subpoena SoftwareSave Time and Cost with Electronic Subpoena Management

AgencyWeb® CourtNotify is web-based subpoena management software that automates the process of subpoena issuance and receipt for law enforcement and civilian witnesses.   

It can be used as an independent system for law enforcement agencies or integrated with judicial case management systems to provide an end-to-end solution for courts, prosecutors, public defenders and public safety agencies.

AgencyWeb® CourtNotify delivers critical court data using intuitive web screens. Court logistics and case details can be setup for automated imports or entered manually.

Law enforcement officers can be added to cases and notified in seconds.   Subpoena receipt acknowledgments are time and date stamped.  Day-of-court attendance can be tracked in real-time with results reporting for statistical analysis.

AgencyWeb® CourtNotify is available as an On-Premise or SaaS solution. 

AgencyWeb_CourtNotify Electronic Subpeona Software


Officer2-Icon.jpg Issuing Subpoenas to Officers Officer-Icon.jpg Officers Receiving Electronic Subpoenas 
Civilian-Service.jpg Issuing Subpoenas for Civilian Delivery Service CourtTracking-Icon.jpg Officers Court Attendance Tracking
Prisoners2.jpg Issuing Subpoenas to Jailed Witnesses    

"Katrina has shown how timely, accurate and shared information is critical to the operations of every criminal justice agency in New Orleans. Post-Katrina manpower shortages have made labor saving efficiencies like CourtNotify, even more important." 

Dr. Heidi Unter, New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation

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