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AgencyWeb CourtNotify



Your Electronic Subpoena Management System

AgencyWeb CourtNotify

AgencyWeb® CourtNotify is the only solution on the market specifically designed to improve Public Safety court attendance, civilian subpoena service, and the coordination of attendance with any type of court docket.   As a web-based subpoena management system, AgencyWeb® CourtNotify automates the entire subpoena process of issuance and receipt for Public Safety and civilian witnesses in real-time.

AgencyWeb® CourtNotify delivers critical court data using easy screens designed for different levels of users.  Comprehensive in nature and adapted to each agency’s need, standard configuration settings with agency-defined business rules ensure agency identity without complexity. 

AgencyWeb® CourtNotify can be used as an independent Public Safety system or integrated with Judicial and JMS systems to provide a complete end-to-end solution for Courts, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Corrections and Law Enforcement agencies.



"Katrina has shown how timely, accurate and shared information is critical to the operations of every criminal justice agency in New Orleans. Post-Katrina manpower shortages have made labor saving efficiencies like CourtNotify, even more important." 

Dr. Heidi Unter
New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation

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Subpoena Issuance

  • Saves issuance time 
  • Increases fine collections
  • Increases ability to close cases

Public Safety Receipt

  • Reduces overtime for unnecessary court appearances
  • Decreases administrative costs
  • Reports day-of-court results

Civilian Service Results

  • Reduces delivery costs
  • Tracks civilian service in real-time
  • Tracks civilian names vs. aliases