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Electronic Subpoena Issuance for Civilian Delivery Service

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AgencyWeb_CourtNotify for Civilian Service

The process of delivering subpoenas to citizens throughout the community can be time consuming to track and prolong the judicial process as a whole.

Save Time and Improve Civilian Service Accuracy

AgencyWeb CourtNotify's civilian application automates the process of serving civilian court subpoenas. It can be used as a stand-alone solution for agencies that deliver subpoenas to citizens or as an integrated solution with judicial case management systems.

Civilian witness information can be imported or manually entered.  Addresses can be U.S. Postal Service verified when integrated with U.S. Postal databases.  Alias names can be tracked, along with civilians that have multiple addresses. 

Subpoena forms can be designed based on court, case and hearing types.  Witness codes can be applied to automate processes for certain events and document types. Once all witness and case details are entered, subpoenas can be transmitted electronically to the serving agency.

If used as a stand-alone system by serving agencies, paper subpoenas received from the courts can be scanned, or witness and case details can be data entered. Authorized personnel assign deliveries to service deputies, who can then view their delivery assignments online.  Delivery addresses can be sorted by U.S. postal carrier routes for more efficient delivery.

Laptop and/or hand-held devices are used to verify addresses and enter delivery results. Delivery statuses can be viewed in real-time by participating personnel. 

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