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Electronic Subpoena Issuance to Law Enforcement Witnesses

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Often the use a paper subpoena processes result in little, if any, insight about when officers actually receive their notifications. They can often take days to get through to officers, with some arriving late or not at all.  As a result, court events can be unnecessarily prolonged or even dismissed.

Electronic Subpoena Issuance for Officers Saves Administrative Time and Helps to Close Cases

AgencyWeb® CourtNotify can be used as a stand-alone solution for law enforcement agencies, or, it can be integrated with judicial case management systems to automatically receive any combination of required data.

Subpoena forms can be designed based on court, case and hearing types. Witness codes can be applied to automate processes for certain events and document types. Once all witness and case details are entered, subpoenas can be transmitted electronically to officers.

Officers are notified using web screens or mobile devices to appear, standby or disregard court events.  Witnesses from multiple agencies can be added to cases and notified as a group in seconds.  Officers with authorized attendance conflicts are flagged and an explanation is displayed.  

Issuance administrators can view each officer's receipt acknowledgement in real-time. Administrators can initiate a 2-way dialogue with an officer from within the system that includes their court event details.  All dialogues are tracked and include name, date and time stamps. 

When integrated with jail management systems, the names of incarcerated witnesses are flagged as part of the issuance process that includes their jail location.

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