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Adding Value to CAD Systems

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Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems are essential in enabling public safety personnel to response efficiently to citizen calls-for-service.   From shots fired, to a weather emergencies or home fires, public safety and dispatch operations rely on CAD systems to capture caller information, allocate and maintain the status of responders in the field. 

Having real-time access directly within CAD to a unit's status improves dispatcher decision-making and the allocation of resources.

AgencyWeb IWM transmits real-time information to integrated CAD systems about an agency’s first responders, their capabilities and any assets assigned to them or their unit. Each time a unit goes on-duty, dispatchers have up-to-date, vital information about the unit’s personnel and equipment.  When unexpected staffing vacancies occur, the unit automatically goes off-duty within CAD indicating that it is unavailable for dispatching.

What's more, AgencyWeb IWM keeps CAD units updated in real-time with staffing skill sets and apparatus capabilities -- including vehicle and radio information. Equipment is tracked and managed at the individual, assignment and unit level. As a result, if any equipment breaks down in the middle of a shift replacements can be quickly reassigned and tracked.

Personnel with differing roles and job classes working in multiple agencies are easily managed in AgencyWeb IWM.  This allows volunteers, for example, to be rostered in multiple volunteer agencies using one system. 

Data Exchanged with CAD Systems

The provisioning process is an critical part of an integrated CAD/AgencyWeb IWM solution.  During this phase, specific types of data are provisioned between the two systems, such as vehicle and radio types, skill codes and CAD plan names/statuses.  Once completed, the CAD system automatically houses unit roll-call and responder data in real-time.  

With AgencyWeb IWM receiving CAD incident data, the system is able to track first responder activities that is used for analytical purposes. CAD incident data is stored as roll-up summaries with drill down links to access details. It's a powerful means of determining cost of services and can be viewed by any organizational breakdown ... down to the individual performer. 

All data exchanges are achieved using Orion's AgencyWeb Agent interface software.

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