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Absence Compliance Management

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AgencyWeb_IWM Leave Management

Employee absences can strain public safety labor costs.  Add to that compliance requirements -- such as FMLA, union policies and other governmental regulations, and it is obvious that absence management has become increasingly complex and costly for today's agencies.

Simplify Absence and Compliance Management 

Absence Compliance Management is a foundational component of AgencyWeb IWM that manages and tracks all employee leave-time while ensuring that regulatory compliances are met.

With AgencyWeb IWM, employees are able to enter online leave requests that are automatically routed to their supervisors.  Leave request types can be setup to accrue or be used as comp time.  Leave accrual balances are calculated in real-time and can be viewed online.  Conflict checking prompts employees with details when balances fall below the requested hours and prevents request entries for employees with conflicting dates and times.

The system supports FMLA tracking and other types of agency-defined regulatory rules.  Medical leave requests expand to present confidential forms for online completion by authorized personnel.  This satisfies HIPPA privacy policies and serves as a centralized source for employees and authorized administrators.

Each employee's leave request is saved within their base record and includes the name, date, and time of their supervisor's response.  All approved leave events are displayed on each employee's calendar, as well as on shift rosters.

Leave Management Methods

Employee Requested – allows employees to submit and route leave requests to supervisors for approval.  

Supervisor Initiated – allows a supervisor to submit and approve a leave request on behalf of an employee.  

Roster Entry – allows authorized personnel to create and approve leaves directly within rosters.

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