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Compliance Management

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One of the many challenges public safety administrators face on a daily basis is managing a broad range of compliance policies ... from collective bargaining agreements, to federal rules like FLSA and ACA, to scheduling or certification requirements for first responders.   

Maintain Compliance and Effective Processes While Reducing Risk

AgencyWeb IWM enables public safety administrators to confidently comply with all business rules, union agreements, scheduling and training requirements -- as well as other federal, state and local labor regulations.

With it's highly configurable rules engine, AgencyWeb IWM is able to automate unique agency-defined compliance requirements. Polices and compliance rules are configured as part of system setup.  Once deployed, the system automatically applies payroll, HR, scheduling and training policies to workflow processes.

By centralizing the multiple types of regulatory requirements, agencies are better able to enforce regulations consistently throughout their agency.  Complete audit trails are included for reporting purposes.

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