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Overtime Management


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AgencyWeb_IWM Overtime Management

Payment of overtime for public safety personnel is inevitable -- and even sometimes preferable to adding career personnel.  But agencies are continuously seeking methods of minimizing spiraling overtime spending that places significant burdens on their budgets.

Minimize Overtime by Optimizing Resourcing and Backfilling Vacant Positions

AgencyWeb® IWM significantly reduces overtime by improving scheduling administration and making staff forecasting easier. When an assignment needs to be back-filled, the system can quickly display a list of available, qualified personnel that can be reassigned.  This helps to reduce overtime by providing available employees who will not incur overtime by working an additional shift.

Employees can request overtime by placing their name on an overtime sign-up list for a preferred location, shift, date and time. When overtime does become necessary, authorized personnel can use the system's overtime tools to request or initiate overtime based on the situation.   Agency rules can be associated with overtime selections that combine the most cost effective selections with fairness and regulatory policies.

Once approved, staffing rosters and employee calendars are automatically updated.  Overtime analytical screen can be configured to display historical overtime statistics for audits and reporting purposes.

Overtime Management Methods

Employee Requested – allows employees to submit and route overtime requests to management for approval. 

Supervisor Initiated – allows a supervisor to submit an overtime request on behalf of an employee and route it for approval. 

Roster Overtime – allows authorized personnel to create and approve overtime directly within the roster. 

Backfill Overtime – allows authorized personnel to backfill vacant positions from an overtime sign-up list of qualified employees directly within the roster.  The list is sorted based upon agency-defined criteria.

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