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Alpha Bravo Scheduling Automation

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When natural disasters strike the ability to quickly deploy public safety personnel is vital to ensuring the safety of communities.  Relying on manual processes takes up valuable time that could result in increased devastation.  With AgencyWeb IWM’s Alpha Bravo scheduling automation agencies can efficiently transition to emergency shifts and back to original schedules once the period ends.

Efficiently Apply Alpha/Bravo for Emergency Situations

AgencyWeb® IWM's Alpha/Bravo scheduling capabilities allow agencies to pro-actively create schedules that can be applied once an emergency crisis has been declared. As a result, all agency personnel are immediately reassigned to either the Alpha or Bravo shift for the estimated emergency period. 

Thanks to the systems pro-active planning capacities, agency personnel can be assigned in advance to either an Alpha or Bravo schedule that includes effective and expiration dates. Authorized personnel are able to run reports documenting which Alpha/Bravo shift personnel are to be reassigned to work.

Once the Alpha/Bravo period has ended, all personnel are automatically reverted back to their original schedules. If an Alpha/Bravo period ends sooner than anticipated, authorized personnel are able to modify the originally generated end date.  What's more, all Alpha/Bravo reassignments and reversions back to original schedules are tracked in real-time for auditing purposes.

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