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Asset Management

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From weapons and protective gear to vehicles, radios and laptops, manually tracking the thousands of assets used daily by public safety personnel can be a time consuming task. Tracking inventory details, along with issuance and returns on spreadsheets waste time and often results in may errors or lost files.

What is It?  Who has it?  Where is it?

Asset Management is an AgencyWeb IWM application that can track an unlimited number of asset inventory items, including each item's issuance and return life cycle. Items can be issued to employees, to work assignments or to work locations.

Asset item details can be imported in bulk or manually entered into the system. Item details include a wide range of information such as serial, stock and bar code numbers, financial codes and effective/expiration dates. Comprehensive purchase order details are also tracked, such vendor information, pricing, warranty and return details.

Once saved, assets can be categorized as parent-child relationships. As a result, entire asset groups can be assigned to employees, work assignments or work location. For example, a fire engine can be assigned multiple assets such as a hose, a ladder, and a radio.

Personnel view asset pick up assignments and return notifications on their AgencyWeb IWM home screen. The system records custody chains as items move in and out of inventory. Electronic signatures are associated with each item’s activity. Authorized users have real-time viewing of any employee's current or discharged assets.

When AgencyWeb IWM is integrated with CAD systems for rostering purposes, dispatchers automatically view vital information within the CAD system about the personnel assigned to the unit -- including any assets assigned to them or to the dispatched unit.

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