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Employee Data Management

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AgencyWeb_IWM Personnel Data Management

Role-Based Employee Data Management 

Employee Data Management is a foundational component of the AgencyWeb® IWM solution that is used to manage full-time or part-time employees, as well as reserves or volunteers. Each employee’s personnel and activity data is tracked throughout their career within their ‘base record’. The solution’s role-based permission structure ensures that employees access information based on their responsibly and security levels.

Employee base records includes personnel and payroll information, operational workflows, reports, activity logs and productivity stats that are specific to the person. All activities are name, date and time stamped for auditing purposes.

Employee Data Tracked Through Agency Tenure

Personnel data Education Shift Schedules
Past Employment Demographics Skills
Licenses and ID's Seniority Certifications
Emergency Contacts Military Endorsements
Supervisors Assets Medical Information
Terminations Documents Training
Suspensions Evaluations Awards

With AgencyWeb® IWM employees can view and update their own information based on their agency assigned permission levels. Electronic pay statements and leave accrual balances can be viewed in real-time. Historical logs can be viewed, such as training results, shift or job changes.

Employee data can be sent to and/or received by external systems.  When AgencyWeb IWM is integrated with CAD systems for rostering purposes, dispatchers automatically view vital information within the CAD system about the personnel assigned to the unit -- including their skills set and any assets assigned to them or their unit.

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