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Rules-Based Scheduling Automation

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Simplifies Complex 24/7/365 Scheduling Requirements  

Intelligent Scheduling is an integrated part of AgencyWeb® IWM that enables agencies to optimize staffing schedules. By applying required criteria as part of the scheduling process, the right persons, with the right qualifications are scheduled for the right assignments.

Simplify Complex Scheduling Processes

Intelligent Scheduling uses a dynamic combination of shift, organization and assignment capabilities that simplifies complex scheduling processes. Any combination of shifts can be created and associated with FLSA or other pay exception rules. Schedules can be established for rotational work periods or to support unique schedules, such as seasonal events or kelly days.

Individual employees or employee groups can be quickly assigned to schedules. This automatically generates shift rosters and employee calendars. Calendars include all approved events, such as training, court, leave-time, overtime and special-duty assignments. When employees are moved from one schedule to another, approved leaves and overtime can be easily reinstated.

Increase Staffing Responsiveness

As staffing requirements evolve, authorized personnel are able to adjust staffing levels to align with changes while maintaining labor policy automation. Beyond the typical required / not required classifications, assigned positions can be established for floaters with broad capabilities or as calculated positions based on fluctuating requirements.  The Full-Time Equivalent tool can be used to calculate future staffing requirements based on past ‘net work hour’ of selected positions

Quickly Fill Open Assignments

When scheduled events or unexpected vacancies occur, Intelligent Scheduling helps to quickly fill those positions with qualified personnel. Based on customer configuration preferences, authorized personnel are able to identify qualified employees that can be selected to fill these gaps while minimizing the finical impact and ensuring fairly allocated assignments. Other criteria, such as specific skill-sets or fatigue rules, can be applied to ensure safety and effectiveness.

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