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Schedule Bidding

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AgencyWeb_IWM- Shift Bidding

Public safety agencies required to provide a schedule bidding process must take many considerations into account -- from departmental rules, to union mandates and employee preferences.  Managing this process using paper slips or spreadsheets is time consuming and prone to compliance errors.  

Save Time and Ensure Equitable Scheduling Policies

AgencyWeb IWM’s Schedule Bidding is easy-to-use and ensures fairness of shift schedule assignments. Available schedules can be offered agency-wide or restricted to specific job types or organizational groups.  Schedules can also be restricted by bid types in order to comply with union policies.  

Only employees who meet agency-defined criteria are eligible to bid.  Qualified employees can use search filters to view and bid on available schedules based on organizations, shifts, rotations or schedules.  Authorized personnel can bid on behalf of others.

Agency-defined bidding rules can be setup to automate bid awards -- such as seniority, rank or other types of criteria. This ensures fair and equitable enforcement of agency scheduling policies.

Authorized personnel can provide printed bid receipts or make individual bidding adjustments when necessary. Once finalized, all awarded schedules are automatically posted on shift rosters, employee calendars and shift records.

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