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Skills and Certification Management

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AgencyWeb_IWM Certification Management

Manually tracking employee certifications and renewals is a labor intense process. Add the need to ensure that certain skills or certifications are maintained as part of assignment requirements and the process becomes even more complex.

Save Time and Ensure Qualified Work Assignments

With AgencyWeb IWM's Skills and Certification Management skills/certification tracking is simplified and work assignments are filled by employee that meet the assignment's criteria. 

Authorized personnel can add an unlimited number of skill categories and types, including those with certifications or endorsements. Skill sets and certifications can be added as a required criteria for specific job classifications, training courses or work assignments.

Authorized administrators can enter achieved skill sets and certifications in employee's base records. Instructor certifications can also be entered and tracked. Certification renewal triggers can be entered that send automated notifications to administrators and the employee.

Work assignments that include skill set or certification criteria can only be filled by qualified employees.  When AgencyWeb IWM is integrated with CAD systems for rostering purposes, dispatchers automatically view vital information within the CAD system about the personnel assigned to the unit -- including their skills set and any assets assigned to them or their unit.

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