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Real-Time Subpoena Management


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AgencyWeb IWM Subpoena Management

Subpoena Management is an integrated part of AgencyWeb® IWM that enables officers to receive and acknowledge their court notifications in real-time. 

Increases Accountability and Reduces Court-Related OT

Officers receive and acknowledge court notifications using their AgencyWeb® IWM account and/or agency email. Mobile devices can also be setup for subpoena alerting.  This significantly reduces overtime costs for unnecessary court appearance.

Notifications include court case types, location, and whether the officer is to appear, standby or disregard the notice.  Any scheduling conflicts are flagged, along with events occurring within 5 days of the current date.

Officer acknowledgements are time and date stamped for reporting and auditing purposes. Multiple notifications can be acknowledged as a group. Automatic email reminders can be sent to officers who fail to acknowledge receiving their notifications after an agency-defined time period.

Officers can easily enter continuous requests directly from their home screen. Continuous requests are automatically sent to their supervisor and include the continuous reason.  If approved by their supervisor, a scheduling conflict is applied to the officer’s court event.  When AgencyWeb IWM is interfaced with court systems, the scheduling conflict is received by those systems.

All court events are displayed on each officer's calendar, as well as shift rosters. When the AgencyWeb CourtTracker is added, day-of-court attendance statistic can be accessed for analytical purposes. 

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