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Time and Attendance

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AgencyWeb_IWM Cost Tracking

Combining Auto-Filled Timesheets from Operational Rosters or Timeclock Terminals with Pay Exception Mgmt.

Manual timekeeping methods are labor intense, prone to include errors and can be quite costly in the long term. AgencyWeb® IWM helps public safety agencies simplify time and attendance processes while ensuring that agency-defined pay exceptions are accurately applied.

Capture Time Worked Online or Using Timeclock Remote Data Terminals

Time entry is kept simple and offers multiple entry methods. Employees can clock in and out, and view their hours directly from their AgencyWeb IWM home screen. Shift managers can adjust employee work hours or make scheduling changes directly within shift rosters. Employees unable to reach a PC to clock in and out, can use timeclock data terminals for time entry.  Authorized time worked auto-fills each employee's to employee timesheets.  

Online Timesheets

As one of AgencyWeb IWM’s many self-service capabilities, employees can easily review their timesheets before submitting them to their supervisors for authorizations. Timesheets are dynamically generated based on authorized time worked results once the day of operation concludes. Time worked can be automatically transmitted to payroll systems or reports run by pay period.

Employee Activity Cost Tracking

Employee activity cost tracking gives management better insight into the ‘where, when and what’ of time worked. Activities can be tracked against internal cost centers or external grant funding. When interfaced with public safety RMS or CAD systems, activity data can be automatically collected for workforce analytics.

Pay Exception Management Saves Time and Reduce Costly Errors

As a rules-based system, AgencyWeb® IWM checks employee time worked based on agency policies for calculation of pay codes, overtime, and shift differentials.  As a result, previously error-prone calculations are accurately transmitted to payroll systems and potential overpayments are eliminated. 

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