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Training Compliance Management

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AgencyWeb_IWM Training Management

Today's public safety personnel fact unprecedented challenges on a daily basis.  Providing first responders with the proper training is a mandatory requirement that ensures their own safety -- as well as their ability to protect and serve their communities. 

Curriculum Based Training Administration and Course Results Tracking Simplified

Training Compliance Management is an integrated part of AgencyWeb IWM that centralizes the management of training curriculum programs for public safety personnel. By applying required criteria to training programs, courses can be efficiently managed and attendee results reported to regulatory organizations. 

Federal, state and local, as well as agency-defied training programs, can be manually entered or imported. Courses with criteria requirements are sent only to employees that meet criteria definitions.  Course syllabuses are included that attendees view with their notifications.

Academies are able to associate classrooms with specific training courses and manage the necessary asset requirements. For those academies that support multiple organizations, classrooms, labs or ranges can be assigned to specific agencies.

Courses are scheduled using calendar formats. Attendees can be assigned using multiple types of search parameters. Automated course notifications can be sent to individuals or groups. 

All training events are coordinated with employee schedules and displayed on each employee's calendar, as well as shift rosters. Once training courses are completed and results recorded, attendee results are saved in each employee's base record.   Interfaces can be established with governmental systems for automated training results transmission.  

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