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Vacation Bidding

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Managing vacation bidding processes for the public safety workforce using paper bid slips and spreadsheets is labor intense and prone to errors.  AgencyWeb IWM’s Vacation Bidding simplifies the process and ensures that requested vacation dates are fairly awarded.   

Vacation Bidding Supports the Employee Experience and Improves Operational Efficiencies

Vacation Bidding can be offered agency-wide or restricted to specific job types or organizational groups. Vacation hours can be restricted by bid types in order to comply with union policies. Limits can be set on the number of personnel in each shift that can be off on any given date so that staffing levels do not fall below minimum.

Eligible employees can be notified of the opportunity to participate in vacation bidding during agency-defined time periods. Bidding periods can be setup for employees to enter single or multiple date range bids based on their preferred priority. Authorized personnel can be assigned an expanded capability to bid on behalf of others.

Select Manual or Automatic Bid Processing
Agencies can assign authorized personnel to manually process bid approvals. Once finalized, employees are notified and all awarded vacation hours are automatically deducted from their leave balances. In addition, awarded dates are posted on shift rosters, employee calendars and within employee leave records.

If an automatic process is preferred, auto-approved bids based on defined criteria, such as seniority, time submitted or bid priority, if multiple rounds are included. Just like manual processing, employees are notified and the awarded dates are saved in multiple locations throughout the system.

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