Workforce Management Complexity - Simplified.

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Voluntary Overtime

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AgencyWeb_IWM Workforce Notification



  • Enables fair and equitable distribution of overtime assignments
  • Manages overtime pay period levels based on agency rules
  • Saves time filling vacant OT assignments 


Key Features

  • Employees submission of name and availability for desired OT dates, locations, shifts and hours
  • Ability to automate agency overtime rules (i.e., maximum OT within pay period, skill requirements, seniority, user status, etc.)
  • Authorized personnel can sign up for others
  • Supports rules associated with "pre-hire" and "day-of-opportunity" lists
  • Staffing managers view candidates in sort order based on agency rules and make assignments within rosters
  • Ability to track decline reasons and associate with future voluntary assignments
  • Tracks all requests and approvals  with name/time/date stamps for audit purposes

Got a Question about IWM's Voluntary Overtime Capabilities?