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Employee Activity Tracking and Data Mining

AgencyWeb_IWM-1.jpgAgencyWeb IWM Activity Tracking and Data Mining

AgencyWeb® IWM includes productivity tools that streamline the collection and analytical reporting of employee activities. Daily activities can be data entered or automatically collected from external platforms, such as RMS and/or CAD systems.  AgencyWeb IWM can also use its own data to provide better operational insight to the what, where and when of employee activities..

Use Data for Better Planning and Policy Decisions

All employee activity data is stored as roll-up summaries with drill down links to access details. Activity data can be viewed by any organizational breakdown ... down to the individual performer.

The type of employee activities tracked is determined by each agency. While an unlimited grouping of activity categories can be tracked, users define how the data is presented based on entered parameters and the system's formatting tools. Once saved, preferred views can be easiest accesses for future use.  

Employee Activity Data Presentation Tools

Charts Allows data to be presented in charted formats
Columns Used to display selected columns
Formulas Expressions of columns, constants, functions & operators
Sort Enables sorting order of data
Filter Enables filtering out of data for data analysis
Group Allows for grouping of columns within returned results
Aggregate Enables summation of calculations for a data column

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