AgencyWeb® Overview



AgencyWeb® can serve as a single agency or a multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency solution that supports all agencies throughout a City, County or State. Multiple jurisdictional solutions can be configured to manage numerous agencies with differing business rules and policies.

Designed as a role-based engine, AgencyWeb® IWM matches each user’s experience with their daily responsibilities. Flexible permission management is driven by agency-controlled database settings. Specific functionality can be assigned by organizational structure or to a group of employees. 

The system’s analytics engine collects activity data and is able to translate it into actionable information. This allows complete snapshot viewing of daily workforce activities and the associated costs by officer, beat, platoon, division or any other organizational breakdown. As patterns become evident, data-driven information can be used to address scheduling shortages, areas of responsibilities and decisions for overtime, leaves or other administrative activities.

AgencyWeb’s built-in intelligence integrates schedule management with the positions being filled and the personnel qualified to fill those positions. Compliance tools ensure consistent application of complex regulatory requirements. Comprehensive data regarding each employee is tracked and saved within their own base record. Employee self-service processes and notifications are communicated in real-time using simply, user-friendly web screens, agency email, text messaging and/or telephony devices.

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  • Reduces labor costs and increases productivity
  • Enables defendable actions with evidence-based decision making
  • Fills gaps in existing technologies


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