AgencyWeb® Overview


  • Reduces labor costs and increases productivity
  • Enables defendable actions using workforce analtyics
  • Fills gaps in existing technologies







Comprehensive. Configurable. Secure.

Orion’s AgencyWeb® solution includes innovative applications that automate and coordinate complex public sector workforce management activities.

AgencyWeb® is a web-based system that serves as an operational solution for daily public sector workforce processes. It is built on the existing AgencyWeb® platform which has served public sector organizations since 1998.

AgencyWeb® is extremely versatile. It can serve a single public sector agency, or multiple agencies throughout a city, county or state with different policies and business rules. The system is designed as a role-based engine that matches each user's experience with their daily responsibilities. It uses flexible permission management that can be assigned by organizational structure or to groups of employees.

AgencyWeb's analytics engine collects workforce data and is able to translate it into gallery dashboard views of daily workforce activities. As patterns become evident, data-driven information can be used to address scheduling shortages, areas of responsibilities and decisions for overtime, leave policies or other administrative activities. With the system's built-in intelligence, schedule management is integrated with the positions being filled and the personnel qualified to fill them. 

Comprehensive data regarding each employee is tracked and saved within their own base record.  Union and regulatory requirements are automated, ensuring compliance.  Employee self-service processes and notifications are communicated in real-time using simple, user-friendly web screens, agency email, text messaging, IVR and other devices.

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