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AgencyWeb Property Room



Your Evidence / Property Room Management System

AgencyWeb Property RoomAgencyWeb® Property Room is a web-based system that provides comprehensive property and evidence intake, handling, security, and disposal management from the point-of-delivery until items are ordered for disposal.  It can be used as an independent Public Safety system or integrated with AgencyWeb® IWM to provide a complete end-to-end solution for Law Enforcement, the Courts, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, and Corrections.

Agency-defined rules with automated chain-of-custody activities ensure adherence to regulations and procedures.  Bar code technology streamlines processing for check-outs, lab drop-offs, check-ins and audit compliance.  Details reports allow quick reviews of the history for each item, along with where it has been located, who has had it, when and why.

Email and dashboards are used to communicate between investigators, labs, and property room personnel.  Authorized users can request and monitor processing of specific items or groups of items.  Multiple permission levels with expanded ranges of capabilities are controlled by agency administrators.

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  • Saves time and costs with automated chain-of-custody tracking
  • Improves communications between property room employees, investigators, labs and agency personnel
  • Bar code technology streamlines processing and improves accuracy