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911 Dispatch Communication Centers 


Optimizing the Management of 911 Comm Center Personnel

When people require emergency services, it is up to communication dispatchers to ensure that Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement personnel are provided with information from 911 calls.   It's not an easy job. Dispatchers must remain calm in tense situations, often staying on the line with callers until emergency responders can arrive.

In many municipalities budget cuts have made the job even harder. Some dispatch centers have reduced staff, placing more of a burden on remaining members. Others—particularly those in smaller towns—have joined regionalized systems in an effort to save money.

Whenever fewer public safety workers are tasked with serving the same or a greater number of people, proper workforce management becomes paramount. What’s more, managers must ensure that there are enough dispatchers on staff during peak times.

Orion's AgencyWeb® software can help.

Our automated AgencyWeb® IWM system manages workforce activities and gives both managers and employees easy access to schedules, communications and other personnel information. It is an ideal solution that can improve productivity, reduce costs and ensure regulatory compliances are met

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