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    Asset Management ... Controlling Equipment and Assignment Life-Cycles

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Asset Management and Assignment Tracking  Software

Equipment is a major investment for public safety agencies.  One of the most difficult challenges is the efficient and effective tracking of valuable assets crucial to saving lives.  Add to that the complexities of ensuring that certain items can only be assigned to and used by qualified personnel.  From weapons and body worn cameras to vehicles and radios, manually tracking the assignment of items like these is labor intense and could result in liability risk. 

AgencyWeb asset management will simplify the life-cycle administration of your agency's assets.  From knowing what assets you have, to where each item is located and to whom it has been assigned, asset management provides full accountability that will save you time while reducing risks.  Need to ensure that your assignments only to go to personnel who have been properly training or certified to use them?  We've got you covered.  By applying your own rules to who can use each item, you will be better able to control assignments and reduce risks. 

Asset Tracking


Track Equipment from Cradle-to-Grave


Monitor Assignments in Real-Time


Integration Power with CAD Systems

Manage an unlimited variety of items, including vehicles, radios, firearms, and anything else you want. Track each item's  details ... from vendor information, purchase orders, and warranties to makes, models and effective/expiration dates. 

Assign parent-to-child asset hierarchy for greater chain-of-custody monitoring.  Track items requiring maintenance with returns through to end-of-life.


Assign and track individual items or groups of equipment at the employee, work assignment or unit level on a temporary or permanent basis. Issue pick up and return notifications to your workforce in real-time.

Use RFID technology or easy web screens to track assignments. Empower personnel to use self-service 'shopping cart' screens to request items.  View real-time audit reports for historical records.



When integrated with CAD systems, dispatchers automatically view real-time updates regarding asset assignments and equipment capabilities.

If equipment breaks down in the middle of a shift, replacements can be quickly reassigned and tracked. If an item is placed out-of-service, CAD is automatically updated with the replacement item and its capabilities.