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Are Correctional Officers Prepared to Guard Inmates? [Video]

Posted by Jackie Belasky

Jul 26, 2016 2:09:37 PM

City and county jails hold thousands of inmates and occupy an important role in the criminal justice system. But while policymakers focus on improving the management of state prisons, recent audits suggest that jails suffer from serious problems that are not being addressed.

The big issue? Lack of adequate staffing. For instance, budget officials in Denver recently found that the city and county jail may need to spend $8 million more each year to be fully staffed. Currently, the average correctional officer works 24 hours of mandatory overtime per week, and turnover rates are high.

Technology, such as workforce management software, is helping correctional facilities work through these challenges. For example, when overtime is necessary, jails minimize costs by basing assignments on agency rules. Employee training is tracked to ensure that officers are prepared to meet expectations. And analytics are being used to identify activity trends that support better staffing decisions.

Thanks for watching, and check back later for more on how technology is being used to improve correctional workforce efficiencies.

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