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As police roles expand, workforce technology is essential [Video]

Posted by Jackie Belasky

Oct 31, 2017 5:19:05 PM

Today's law enforcement officers face unprecedented challenges with expanding responsibilities.  In addition to responding to calls for service and deterring crime, they are now charged with protecting their communities against domestic and foreign threats on a daily basis. Add to that the increase in cultural tensions and civil hostilities from community members they are sworn to protect.

All of these factors have resulted in broader discussions about the need to support policing through the use of technology. 

Phrases like "predictive policing" or "crime mapping analysis" are examples of using data to predict potential crimes at designated times and locations. Using crime analysis is critical in helping agencies know where to be and how to be prepared. But if departments don't have qualified resources available at critical moments there's a huge disconnect. 

Public safety workforce management software complements technology by ensuring that personnel with the right qualifications are staffed at the right locations during the right time

For workforce data to complement predictive policing it must be relevant, concise and in real-time.  Charts, graphs and statistical reports are great, but they must provide clear operational pictures so that commanders can make smart and defendable decisions. It's the missing link that that enables today's law enforcement agencies to adapt to whatever situations may arise.

Thanks for watching and check back soon for more news about managing the public safety workforce.

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