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California town benefits from community policing [VIDEO]

Posted by Jackie Belasky

Mar 2, 2015 5:02:00 PM

Can community policing work? One troubled city in California may have the answer.

Led by Chief Chris Magnus, the Richmond Police Department is undergoing a radical departure from the standard patrolling methods that it used in the past. Instead, officers are pursuing a grassroots policing style. By engaging with the community, they hope to be more effective at fighting crime.

It appears to be working. reports that in 2014, the city experienced its lowest murder rate in decades, as well as steep drops in other violent and property crimes.

Community policing often requires departments to rethink how they schedule officers. Use of technology, such as workforce management software, can help police departments allocate the staffing needed for essential outreach assignments, without overtaxing their capabilities.

Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more news about the benefits of community policing.

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