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Dispatchers' connection to emergency responses shouldn't be underestimated [Video]

Posted by Jackie Belasky

Mar 22, 2017 4:36:09 PM

It's important to never forget the major contributions dispatchers make to emergency response efforts, despite the fact that they remain behind the scenes. The pressure and trauma of public safety work have a powerful effect on these professionals.

Dispatchers sometimes find themselves stereotyped or written off as emotionally unaffected by the incidents they respond to. However, 911 calls can leave an indelible mark on those who answer them, and the pressure of keeping field responders safe adds an additional burden.

When tracking organizational wellness, it is vital that all employees are well rested and mentally fit.

Whether working the front lines or responding from a dispatcher's office, it is easier when public safety workforce management software is used. For example, agency fatigue rules can be used to ensure that dispatchers are properly restedMedical logs can be used to track highly stressful incidents. And training can be assigned to help dispatcher develop optimal coping skills.

No matter if they are boots on the street or working behind the scene - we own our first responder teams our deepest gratitude.
Come back soon for more on how technology is being used to manage the public safety workforce.

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