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Firefighter Shortages Lead to Excessive Overtime [Video]

Posted by Jackie Belasky

May 9, 2016 5:04:50 PM

Municipalities deal with budget shortages by cutting spending on public services. However, sometimes these cuts can be more costly than initially expected.

Reducing public safety personnel can end up straining other budgetary line-items. For instance, in Orange County, Florida, a shortage of firefighters and strict federal overtime rules has led to a spike in overtime spending. The county has been forced to find $15 million in the last five years to cover this gap.When it isn't possible to add staff, workforce management software can be used to set up schedules based on agency policy that minimizes overtime. Available personnel can be easily reassigned to fill required vacancies. Agency fatigue rules can be applied too, so that personnel are properly rested during their shift.  

Thanks for watching, and check back later for more on how workforce management can improve public safety staffing efforts.

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