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Law Enforcement Staffing for Crime Prevention Month [Video]

Posted by Jackie Belasky

Nov 17, 2017 9:34:20 AM

October is Crime Prevention Month, with community-focused events and initiatives such as the National Night Out. These gatherings of community members and law enforcement agencies are designed to build trust and a sense of community.

While many police chiefs agree that it is crucial for their officers to meet regularly with residents, the simple truth is that many find their resources stretched too thin.

Making sure officers have the time to attend Crime Prevention Month events while maintaining minimum staffing levels is definitely a balancing act. 

Use of public safety workforce management software can help departments allocate the staffing levels necessary for participation in these types of events, without overtaxing resources or budgetary limitations. 

For example, historical staffing data can be used to analyze officers' workloads. As a result, agencies can rely on their own data in determining optimal staffing levels. If overtime does become necessary, assignment rules can be automatically applied to keep overtime cost as low as possible.

With such oversights in place, it will be easier for departments to embrace Crime Prevention Month and the positive initiatives that come along with the event.

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