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New Police Technology Increases Need for Training [Video]

Posted by Jackie Belasky

Apr 18, 2016 12:39:51 PM

It's becoming increasingly clear that new technology is helping police officers do their jobs. The algorithms that support predictive policing software, for example, make it easier to prevent crime sprees.

While this is good news for neighborhood safety, it is important for proponents of policing technology to understand that the software alone cannot make a difference without dedicated officers to back it up.Police need to be trained so they understand where the capabilities of certain technologies end and where their instincts have to take over. While predictive policing software can tell officers that there are regular burglaries in a certain area of a city, it can't tell them how to best react.

Luckily, technology can also be used to ensure that officers are compliant with the latest training and certification requirements. By facilitating academy course management and tracking training results, officers can combine training with the experience necessary to set up strategic patrols and catch perpetrators. 

Thanks for watching, and check back later for more on how technology can improve the public safety workforce.

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