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New Response Strategies Prepare EMS for Active Shooter Incidents [Video]

Posted by Jackie Belasky

Oct 29, 2018 2:52:51 PM

The role of emergency medical professionals in active shooter incidents is critical - but also dangerous. The National Fire Protection Association recently unveiled a nationwide standard to help all first responders safely execute their roles in such a situation.

A unified approach is necessary, as emergency services must work together to help victims while remaining safe. In the course of rendering aid at the scene of a shooting, EMS technicians have to communicate with police to ensure they're not disrupting evidence within a live crime scene.

It's clear that EMS, fire and law enforcement personnel must know specific procedures to respond effectively. The fundamentals always include diffusing the situation, communicating and not compromising safety. This is where regular and refresher active incident training is imperative.

Public safety workforce management software can help academies coordinate these types of training exercises so that public safety personnel can train together as a multidisciplinary team. Equipping first responders with the knowledge needed to work together as a group engenders trust and best practices so that every incident can be handled optimally. This type of advanced preparation goes a long way in helping first responders remain safe and ensuring protection for the communities they serve.

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