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Resources needed for firefighter mental health programs [Video]

Posted by Jackie Belasky

Jul 23, 2018 11:03:14 AM

Training and assistance programs designed to keep firefighters fit and healthy shouldn't exclude mental health from their focus areas. Post-traumatic stress and other serious conditions can seriously affect first responders, and departmental leaders should set aside the time and resources to help their teams.

Research has shown that the stress of responding to emergencies contributes to the likelihood of suffering from mental health problems. Furthermore, there is a stigma associated with seeking assistance. Firefighters don't want to be seen as unfit for their jobs, and this apprehension may keep them away from helpful programs.

Departmental leaders using workforce management software designed for public safety can more effectively monitor each unit's activities and training. Health status conditions that affect performance can be tracked, as well as any health training or assistance programs firefighters have received. This insight can be used to ensure that firefighters don't suffer quietly and that everyone has received relevant, up-to-date instruction.

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