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Should Police Staffing Be Based on Population, or Workload? [Video]

Posted by Jackie Belasky

Jun 2, 2016 11:03:18 AM

How should cities determine minimum police staffing levels? In San Francisco, some city supervisors think it should be based on population. Others want to see it based on the police department's workload demand.

The debate comes at a time when the city's population is increasing. But so is property crime, and with staffing levels down by 3 percent, police are having a harder time keeping up with calls. The city's government is now considering a new minimum staffing level that takes into account department-specific conditions and historical data.

Workforce management software that tracks employee activities is providing data-driven analytics for more insightful staffing plans. Agencies that know the what, where, when and costs of their services have a huge advantage justifying additional headcount or applying for grant funding.      

Thanks for watching, and check back later for more about how workforce management software is being used to plan for public safety workforce staffing.

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