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Simulated firefighting scenarios teach valuable skills [Video]

Posted by Jackie Belasky

Nov 1, 2016 2:49:41 PM

It's important for firefighters to have highly specific situational training and be in a state of readiness for any situation that may occur. Periodic joint training exercises can keep their skills sharp.

Illinois firefighters recently provided a great example of this technique in action, gathering at the University of Illinois to train together in simulated environments. The demonstrations included examples of fires in houses, basements, garages and other types of structures.  Firefighters engaging in training alongside peers from other departments can trade techniques and learn from one another's experiences.

Agencies using workforce management software can coordinate these types of training events with firefighter's schedules.  Attendee's scores can be tracked and the results used to determine readiness for future assignments or if additional training may be required.

Thanks for watching and check back soon for more news on how technology is being used to better manage emergency services staffing.

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