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The importance of scheduling for corrections officers [Video]

Posted by Jackie Belasky

Oct 23, 2018, 5:01:38 PM

Managing today's correctional facilities is demanding, difficult and sometimes dangerous. When you house hundreds of convicted criminals in one building, effective management is critical to the safety of inmates, workers and the surrounding community.

Today's correctional leaders should always be implementing practices that increase collaboration among criminal justice officials. Frequent cross-departmental collaboration can create improved conditions that may lead to a reduction in the steady increase of inmates.

Clear communication between public safety departments can help correctional officials have input into practices designed to prevent repeat offenses and recidivism. Meetings and committees that allow correctional leaders to speak with their counterparts in other departments may help resolve some of their struggles.

Use of public safety workforce management software can help agencies better manage scheduling visibility so that personnel at all levels of command can come together reliably. Announcements and notifications sent through these systems to mobile devices can keep all personnel on the same page.

With proper planning and focus, correction leaders that are willing to dedicate time, personnel, and resources to initiatives like these are better able to recommend new policies that may increase operational efficiencies and reduce inmate recidivism.

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