Workforce Management Complexity - Simplified.

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Budget and Costs Tips & Tidbits

09/11/2013 - State Spending for Corrections: Long-Term Trends and Recent Criminal Justice Policy Reforms

06/03/2013 - Best practices in grant writing

11/2012 - How to Calculate the Cost of a Youth Arrest: Fiscal Policy Center Toolkit
The determination of costs associated with a juvenile being arrested at the point of arrest is explained. SOURCE: National Juvenile Justice Network. Fiscal Policy Center (Washington, DC). Authored by Chaidez, Julius C..

11/1/2012 - The Future of California Corrections
A blueprint to save billions of dollars, end federal court oversight and improve the prison system

10/12/2012 - Quality Improvement in EMS
One of the biggest challenges facing quality coordinators of smaller agencies is a lack of resources

08/07/2012 - Stretching Your Budget In a Recession
Almost every agency is feeling the pinch of hard times, but there are ways to reduce the pain.

07/27/2012 - EMS Revisited: Surviving Tough Times
How to ride out an uncertain economy

07/26/2012 - Surviving Tough Times: How to Ride out an Uncertain Economy Part 2
In 10 years the fundamental issues facing EMS of management, leadership, funding and public awareness have grown no less difficult, and are arguably even worse.

05/23/2012 - Viewpoint: Tips for managing efficiently under tight budgets
Now more than ever before, public sector managers must make wise budgetary, personnel, operations and other business decisions. These six tips can help department managers organize their operations wisely.

04/24-12 -  Why Budgets Matter
Be sure to vaccinate yourself against "budgetitis" to avoid financial panic in your agency.

02/01/2012 - Viewpoint: Looking to cut costs?
Take a good look at consolidation

1/25/2012 - A Decade of Living Dangerously
By now most of us have come to realize that the status quo no longer works, and that innovating and making choices that were previously politically unthinkable are the only ways to maintain a balance between our fiscal challenges and our responsiveness to residents' demand for services.

1/16/2012 - The Public Sector, Disrupted
Government needs the kind of innovation that allows us to really get more for less.

12/01/2011 - Making Smart Choices in Bad Economies
Times are tough. What's a public system to do?

11/16/2011 - The Hidden Cost of Human-Capital ‘Savings’
When governments must reduce their workforces, they need to find ways to minimize the damage to long-term performance.