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Business Analyst Services


We get it.  Your agency's policies are complicated.

Let our Business Analyst Services do the heavy lifting for you.

Sure, your staff has all your policy documentation, regulatory compliance and union rules.  They just don't have the time to define how certain rules affect certain employees and should be processed in certain ways using your new AgencyWeb automation software.  No problem.  We've got your back.

Business Analyst Services can save your staff time while ensuring system compliance. Implementation

Orion's Business Analyst Services are ideal for agencies with complex compliance requirements who are transitioned from manual processes to automated workflows.  Our Analyst will help you adapt your current policies to online processes so you can use AgencyWeb's powerful automation to easily and accurately facilitate any compliance.


How Does It Work?

Our Business Analyst are public safety workforce experts that collaborate with your subject matter experts regarding your policies, compliance requirements and collective bargaining agreement rules.   Depending on which solution and application you are using, they will collect the necessary documentation and begin their assessment.  Once concluded, they'll collaborate with your team to review the best way of automating your compliance requirements using your AgencyWeb solution.

Once you sign off on the approach, a final configuration document is provided to your project team and our technical staff.  Our engineers use this to perform advanced configurations based on your rules in order to automate your system.  It's a valuable service designed to ensure that your AgencyWeb system's automation leads to better workforce efficiencies. 




Typical Topics Covered

While some of our customers have similar processes, each agency is unique.  These are a few examples of manual process that have policy compliance requirements discussed as part of our Business Analyst Services.  

Check-mark-green.jpgPayroll policies Check-mark-green.jpgOrganizational policies Check-mark-green.jpgUnion contracts Check-mark-green.jpgTraining policies Check-mark-green.jpgCourt policies
Check-mark-green.jpgLeave policies Check-mark-green.jpgStaffing policies Check-mark-green.jpgVacation bidding  Check-mark-green.jpgCertification policies Check-mark-green.jpgSupervisory approvals
Check-mark-green.jpgOvertime policies Check-mark-green.jpgFatigue rules Check-mark-green.jpgSchedule bidding  Check-mark-green.jpgAsset policies Check-mark-green.jpgData sharing


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