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Campus Police

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Ensuring Operational Efficiencies for Campus Police

So much more is expected of a campus security officer these days. The shift from the traditional security-only mentality to campus security officers who take on multiple roles of first responder, customer service liaison and brand ambassador has fundamentally changed the job.

Officers must be training to deal with campus related issues like drug and alcohol abuse, handling interpersonal abuse scenarios and responding to gender and/or cultural diversity situations. What’s more, workplace violence on campuses is now widely publicized. Communications with staff, students, the media and the community, together with college leadership’s ability to determine post-crisis goals and recovery strategies, can determine the college’s survival prospects. Add to this the daily coordinating of schedules, ensuring proper training and facilitating real-time communications. It's obvious that this is not easily done using manual processes.

Orion’s AgencyWeb® software can help.

With AgencyWeb® IWM Campus Police personnel are able to exoeruebce real-time access to their schedules, training, personnel information and so much more. 

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