Workforce Management Complexity - Simplified.

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Simplifying the Management of Correctional Workforce Personnel 


Correctional WorkforceEffective prison management is critical to the safety of inmates, workers and the surrounding community. Staffers at correctional facilities face multiple challenges on a daily basis. Despite tight budgets, they must still find ways to run a secure facility that keeps prisoners safe from each other and from themselves for the duration of their sentences.

No correctional facility manager wants an understaffed – and thus more dangerous facility. Proper scheduling techniques are necessary not only to reduce overtime costs, but also to ensure that facilities always have enough qualified staff members in the right place to ensure incident-free, smooth operations.

Add to that the challenge of managing corrections personnel in a multiple facility campus that house thousands of inmates awaiting trial or serving sentences. From correctional officers, to prison administrators to food services and rehabilitation works -- effectively managing a workforce like this 24/7, 365 days a year is a daunting task.




How Does AgencyWeb Serve the Correctional Workforce?


Orion’s mission to 'Serve Those Who Serve' is at the heart of our workforce management technology.   Based on our two decades of experience, we know that our AgencyWeb solution makes our customer's operational workforce processes simpler.  Whether its ensuring that proper staffing levels are met based on fluctuating bed count populations or reducing unnecessary overtime, we've got your back. 

Check-mark-green.jpgGenerate Workforce Regulatory Reporting Check-mark-green.jpg Automate Complex Scheduling Requirements
Check-mark-green.jpg Automate Compliance with Union and Dept. Rules Check-mark-green.jpgAlign Staffing Levels with Bed Count Population Levels
Check-mark-green.jpgEnsure Training and Certification Compliance Check-mark-green.jpgEnsure Qualified Staffing Assignments
Check-mark-green.jpgMinimize Overtime While Ensuring Fairness Check-mark-green.jpgAutomate Time-Off Requests with Response Workflows
Check-mark-green.jpgTrack Employee Equipment Assignments  Check-mark-green.jpgSave Time and Ensure Fairness with Shift and Vacation Bidding
Check-mark-green.jpgTrack Employee Performance Throughout Career Check-mark-green.jpgExchange Data with External Systems, like JMS and RMS
Check-mark-green.jpgSave Time with Employee Self-Services Check-mark-green.jpgSend Time and Attendance Electronically to Payroll Systems