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  • Public Safety Training Management Software
    Training and Certification Management ... Saving Time and Ensuring Compliance
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    Training Management for Public Safety

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AgencyWeb Online Training Software

Workforce Training and Certification Management Software

Managing employee training is vital when it comes to public safety.  From ensuring licensing compliance to maintaining special skill-sets, your workforce needs continuous training to effectively serve the public.  AgencyWeb's training management software enables you to setup, schedule and track curriculum-based courses from one convenient location. 

Scheduled courses are coordinated with your employee's schedules and displayed on their calendars.  Once attendance results are entered and saved, you'll be able to submit summary reports to governmental institutions with the click of a button. 

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!


Training Software


Ready ... Set ... Let's Go Get Setup!


AgencyWeb's powerful rules-based capabilities will enable you to apply criteria as part of your training course automation.  As a result, your training program will be more efficiently managed for the diverse types of public safety personnel  you've got to manage throughout their career tenure.


Create Your Curriculums


Enter Courses and Apply Your Criteria


Designate Your Course Locations

Create an unlimited number of curriculums offered and/or mandated by your agency. Federal, state and local training curriculums can be manually entered or imported.  As a planned sequence of instructional courses, curriculums will effectively target the right course to specific job classes.


Enter or import as many courses as needed to satisfy completion of a curriculum. Courses can include syllabuses, mandatory prerequisites, personnel status requirements or instructor details.  Courses assigned for specific job classes can only be sent to employees meeting the criteria.  


Create classroom categories to group locations by intended purpose, such as instructor-led classrooms, shooting ranges or fire training simulators. Add necessary equipment requirements.  Then associate each course with the appropriate location. You're all set to go.

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Time to Train and Track 

      Training Tracking Software


Easy Course Scheduling


Notify in Just a Few Clicks


Track Attendance and Capture Results

Courses are easily scheduled using calendar formats.  Classrooms can be queried and coordinated for time and date availability viewing. 

Courses can be set for mandatory or elective attendance, which employees can view and register to attend. Courses can also be set to require supervisory approval or to delegate assignments directly to supervisors.


Once courses are scheduled, simply point and click to add employees.  Employees notifications includes course information, time, date and location details.

Scheduled training is coordinated with each employee's shift, leave and court dates.  Once employees confirm course attendance, course rosters are automatically updated and can be viewed on-line.  



Employee attendance can be tracked online within course rosters by authorized personnel.  Result scores and comments can be included. 

Once saved, each employee's results are automatically transferred to their training record and saved throughout their career tenure.  Training documents are also be saved within each employee's record.

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    Certification Management ... a Vital Component of Public Safety Workforce Management

AgencyWeb's certification management automation ensures that employee compliance requirements are met in order to maintain licensing and fill specialized work assignments.  You will be able to manage, track and report on each employee's entered certification levels and skills. 

If any employee falls out of certification, notifications are sent informing the employee and authorized personnel.  Visual alerts are displayed within shift rosters to prevent employees lacking required certifications from being placed in work assignments.

Authorized personnel manage each employee's skills and certifications within their employee record.  This includes certification codes, hours earned and setting of expiration date alerting. Expiration notices are automatically sent to remind employees and their management when certifications must be renewed.

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Training Management System

Automate Compliance Reporting

Each state and jurisdiction has different training reporting requirements. Regardless of whether you're reporting about new cadets or seasoned veterans, you've got to provide specific training information to internal managers and possibly governmental institutions as well.

With AgencyWeb's training management capabilities you'll be able to run standard reports for certifications, course attendance results and upcoming requirements in a matter of seconds.

What's more, training results can be submitted electronically to accommodating governmental institutions. It's a great way to save time and eliminate data entry errors.