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Frequently Asked Questions

QuestionArrowsQ. Who is Orion Communications?

Orion Communications is a certified women-owned business enterprise headquartered in Dallas, Texas that has been specializing in workforce management software for the public safety since 1998.

Q. What are the services that Orion Communications provides?

Orion offers a wide range of services designed to help agencies meet their workforce management goals.   Our services include:

  • Business Analyst Services
  • Project Management & Implementation Services
  • Data Integration
  • Managed Hosting
  • Training Services
  • Maintenance and Support

Q. What are the software products you provide?

Orion’s AgencyWeb is a centralized, operational system with built-in intelligence that automates daily workforce processes. The system’s data exchange and interface capabilities allow agencies to share data with different resources, jurisdictions and legacy systems.  

AgencyWeb® Portfolio

  • AgencyWeb IWM is anintelligent workforce management software that simplifies complex workforce requirements.
  • AgencyWeb CourtNotify is subpoena management software for law enforcement witnesses and the service of civilian subpoenas.  
  • AgencyWeb CourtTracker is an add on to AgencyWeb CourtNotify that captures day-of-court information, such as office arrival and departure times, for analytic reporting.  
  • AgencyWeb IVR is an add on to AgencyWeb IWM and AgencyWeb CourtNotify for personnel to make inbound self-service tasks and/or receive outbound notifications via their telephone.
  • AgencyWeb Court Coordinator is an augmented solution that can be added to existing case management systems to assist with scheduling court dockets in coordination with law enforcement witness schedules.
  • AgencyWeb Agent is Orion's interface software that enables data sharing with other technology platforms as a standard practice.

Q. What key benefits can I see using an Orion AgencyWeb® system?

  • Workforce productivity data analytics for smart decision making
  • Intelligent business process automation based on agency policies 
  • Data sharing that leverages existing infrastructure
  • Saved time by elimination of data entry redundancies
  • Increased accuracy in time and attendance for payroll
  • Better scheduling and costs containment
  • Improved tracking of time, effort and resources
  • Reduced non-compliance risks of regulatory requirements 

Q. How easy is it to use AgencyWeb®?

Designed for everyday use, intuitive screens and role based navigation means that agency personnel can quickly learn how to use the features that apply to their role and responsibilities.

Q. What types of reports does AgencyWeb® provide?

AgencyWeb® include standard reports in either .NET or using Crystal reports. Adobe Reader is required for reading Crystal reports in a PDF format. This is the free download tool from Adobe.

In addition, Orion offers a replicated database that customers use to write their own reports.

Q. Where does the data reside?

Orion's purchased AgencyWeb® solutions reside on browser-based application servers that can be housed within an organization’s or municipality’s data center. Standard installations can allow for access via the Internet or the system can reside 100% within the municipality’s Intranet with no access to the application via the Internet.  

Q. Can AgencyWeb® use Active Directory for system access?

You bet.  Active Directory is often used to access AgencyWeb®. In these types of deployments, Orion can provide a URL for all Active Directory accessible users and then a second URL for Non-Active Directory users. Therefore, the municipality can control their roll out methods.  Access security can also be managed through strong password management, IP address authorization and security encryption methods.

Q. How does AgencyWeb® integrate with third party systems?

AgencyWeb® Agent is Orion's interface software that enables data sharing with other technology platforms as a standard practice. As a result, AgencyWeb can send or receive data from existing or new platforms. 

Q. What type of customer support does Orion offer?

Orion customers have real-time access to product support services. Orion’s maintenance and support services vary by solution and customer services agreements.

  • Live support personnel 8:00 am (CST) to 6:00 pm (CST), Monday – Friday, excluding national holidays
  • After hour support 24/7 (contract required)
    • Emergency after hours number based on severity levels
  • Email support
  • Help Desk phone support
    • Submission form for request and receipt notification
    • Response within 24 hours of notification
  • Web site support
    • Help site for AgencyWeb®
    • Maintenance of all AgencyWeb® updates
  • On-line trouble ticket system
    • Submission of request and on-line review of status
    • Email notice of trouble ticket resolution and ticket web link

Q. How do we get started?

Email us at or call us at (214) 361-1203, ext. 2413.