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Learn How Your Data Can Reveal Your True Cost of Services.

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The Chief needs your workforce cost for the past year. So you run a report, but it doesn't do much.  It's just a report.  It doesn't tell a story.

With Interactive Analytics and understanding how to structure your data-sets, you will reveal the details that contributed to your agency's workforce cost.

In this video from the 2021 IACP Technology Conference you'll learn how to analyze your data to create visual analysis of workforce costs.

IACP_Orion Analytics for Workforce Costs


Use Data from Your Current Software or Orion’s to Unlock Its Power 


You've got valuable data in your exiting software.  Let us show you how to structure it for the analytics you need to understand your true cost of services.

How about getting a handle on the overtime generated by crisis events? What about the impact of pandemic related vacancies?  How does training or shift swapping impact your budget?  We'll help your see the trends your data can reveal.


Are you ready to move past spreadsheets to manage your workforce? With Orion’s operational software toolbelts, you can pick and choose which toolbelt best meets your needs.

Take a deep dive into employee operations, from scheduling, to equipment, and beyond. You'll experience the advantages of automation based on your polices, combined with the analytics insights you need most.

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