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Implementation Services


Our implementation process combines best practices with our proven AgencyWeb Route7 methodology.


Services-Infogr.gifOne question we are frequently asked by potential customers is about our software deployment process.  After years of installing Orion's AgencyWeb software for individual agencies and for multiple agencies county-wide, our answer is simple.


We follow AgencyWeb's Route7 ... a proven process based on years of successful customer projects and decades of experience.

Whether you're deploying the full AgencyWeb solutions suite or adding a few applications one at a time, by following our Route7 roadmap you'll be able to complete your projects on time, within budget, and start experiencing the efficiencies of your new AgencyWeb solution.


How Does AgencyWeb Route7 Work?

Our Route7 methodology consists of seven stages that are inclusive of any configurations and knowledge transfer activities. Each step ensures a smooth implementation and efficient transition to your new AgencyWeb solution. The process is a well-defined roadmap that is followed based on your unique needs, requirements and goals.

Who is on Your Route7 Implementation Team?

As a new customer you are assigned a dedicated project manager who works closely with you to maintain your project schedule, including defined roles and responsibilities. A dedicated team of highly skilled technical professionals, trainers and business process experts work with your PM behind the scenes to support your project.  Their focus is on meeting your deadlines, closing open items, and keeping your project moving forward.


While projects vary based on each customer's unique needs and chosen solution, Route7 serves as our implementation roadmap.

Number one icon.jpgKickOff


Number two icon.jpgInstall


Number three icon.jpgConfigure


Number 4 icon.jpgTrain Admins

Your kick-off is typically an on-site event that brings together all key players from your team and Orion to review your project's goals, tasks and timelines.    Whether your solution is on-premise or Orion hosted, this stage includes environment setup testing and your selected software installation.   Based on your chosen solution and business rules, Stage 3 is all about getting your system's automation setup according to your policies and procedures.   Your system administrators are your power users and this stage takes them on a deep dive into how the system works and is to be maintained based on your unique requirements.

Number 5 icon.jpgTest


Number 6 icon.jpgTrain End Users


Number 7 icon.jpgGo Live

We'll take the first pass at testing to ensure everything is set up properly.  Then we'll give you testing plans so you can test the system yourself to ensure proper setup.    We're getting closer to go-live and everything is working as it should. In Stage 6 we'll execute our Train-the-Trainer sessions and the training aids you'll need to train your end users.   We made it. Your personnel are trained and your system has gone into a production environment.  Enjoy the new efficiencies your AgencyWeb solution is delivering!  

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